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hey there! interested in hookup sites? then you should try best hookup sites. it works similarly to tinder, but is one of the most reliable and consistent hookup apps. users are free to message,, and take photos of themselves on the app. the feature set is very simple and basic. however, it has a huge user base.

tinder exploded into the mainstream in 2012 and by 2015 everyone knew it. the app just sits on your iphone or android and you start swiping right and left until a match appears. if users start swiping before a match appears, their “swipe left” will appear, while if they wait too long or swipe after they match they will be pounced upon and hit with ghost texts. the pictures sent via tinder are attractive, but a tad amateur and the messages are quite generic.

but the free membership allows you to create up to 16 profiles of your own, which is enough to keep you busy. while the site appears for iphone and android users, it’s also available through a browser.

just know that tinder is more of a hook-up app than a dating app, with a lot of games and gimmicks to keep the swiping fun and swiping more fun. while the regular tinder location-based version is still free, you can also use their premium version, which costs $0.99 a day or $19 a year. but premium has a few significant enhancements, like push notifications when new people arrive near you, and the ability to send high-res photos.

i tested tinder’s bumble premium a few months ago and really liked it. but i’m very much a picky hookup girl and i was disappointed that bumble didn’t allow users to send “ghost texts” in order to get a response. by ghost texts, i mean that if you’re a man and the women you message are having a hard time responding, you can send them a text to say you’re a bit busy that day and that you’d love to meet them the next. that way they at least have the chance to answer.

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