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Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


The Tarnished Prince is a story set in the world of Elex, where tens of millions of people have fallen into darkness. They are the same as those that existed thousands of years ago.

However, a power known as the Millennium Goddess appeared in a distant land and took everything away from these people.

After that, the world was split into places called Element Islands. All of the people in this world were transformed into monsters called Elden, and were sealed in the Elemental Islands with the Millennium Goddess.

In exchange for their lives, those monsters called Elden have been sealed in the Elemental Islands, and the Millennium Goddess has been sealed within the Demon Continent.

As long as the Millennium Goddess is sealed, there is no hope for those monsters called Elden. So, the people of Elex live in fear.

However, the Millennium Goddess was sealed more than fifty years ago, when the people of Elex started to awaken.

In order to break the seal, Elden Prince, Jeremy Christopher, is trying to awaken and be released from the Elemental Island of Elden.

The Elden Prince is the Tarnished Prince—Elden, who is cursed by the Millennium Goddess. He is created by human royalty as an Elden prince through the power of magic. He has the ability to transform into an Elden King or an Elden Lord, and his true form is a mix of a knight and a dragon.

In the world of Elex, the people of the different islands have different beliefs, such as the people of the island called Ardent—where the people worshipped the Millennium Goddess—living a peaceful life, while the people of the island called Tarnished—where the people believed in the existence of demons and fought without reason—live in darkness.

The two worlds are connected by a law known as the Firmament Code, which states that anyone who breaks the Firmament Code and commits a horrible deed will be reincarnated in the darkness of the Tarnished Prince.

The Firmament Code controls the flow of energy in the universe. It is a collection of stories in which the people of Tarnished learned to create magicians, as a weapon to fight the mythological demons called Elden, when they were exiled from Elex.

Over the course of the game, the Tarnished Prince will try to awaken the Millennium Goddess and carry out the Firmament Code.

If he succeeds, he


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Brandish power, and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
  • You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic that you equip to develop your character.
  • A vast world with various situations, where some even connect to dungeons with a three-dimensional design.
  • An epic drama that combines various thoughts from the multiple characters and an asynchronous online element that allows the player to feel the presence of others.
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    Rise to the Rank of an ELden Lord

    By Player


    “Grace is a new genre that is full of surprises.
    The art style and game mechanics are very good…

    Oh, how I miss the days when MMOs were a world of awe and wonder. I’m happy to announce that I am once again seeing that the days may be returning.
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    An Amazing Story in a World of Adventure

    By Players


    “The environment is beautiful. The interface is easy to understand. The graphics and sound are high-quality. The character design is done very well. … What I really love about the game is how interesting the story is. … If you want to play an action RPG that is easy to understand, this is your game.”
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    I love the art design of the game.

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    This is a fantastic game in the sense that it has a story that can make you interested in your own world.

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    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    By Developer


    “A unique experience that is full of depth. The sense of accomplishment from solving puzzles is in the top three of bests I have experienced in gaming. The character development makes you feel emotions as you play.

    There are many things to praise in this game. The game is visually gorgeous. The scenes and music are strong enough to hold your attention. Everything is smooth and well done. There is no lagging whatsoever. While there is no voice acting or text, the game has its own soundtrack and voice lines to keep you engaged. One of the times that the game really shines is when it uses it’s dialogue boxes. This is a game that rewards both pressing and holding down the button for a long period of time.

    Overall, this game is visually gorgeous. With the same amount of work put into character design, this game is one that should be in your collection.�


    Elden Ring Crack +

    Core Features:

    • Thoroughly Updated and Expanded Zombalization and New Strategic Experience
    Improvements and New Features
    – Up to 8 party members including heroes can be zombalized at once
    – Zombalization now occurs even when you’re under Zombal Armor
    – Traveling while zombalized (even in the middle of fights) has been added
    – The area of effect of the Zombalization reduction effect is reduced
    – The amount of effect that increases the reduction effect when a dungeon is finished has been reduced
    – Zombie-kicking can now be successful against foes that are stunned
    – Search all the way to the surface for hidden treasure chests
    – Areas that cannot be zombalized have been added

    • Expanded World Map
    A land much larger than in the previous version of the game and more-detailed map. New stages are added to the mid-west, the east, the south, and the north, and a new location, the mountains, is added as well.

    • Introduction to Three Different Styles of a Dungeon
    New Features
    – The area of effect of the Zombalization reduction effect is reduced
    – Traveling while zombalized (even in the middle of fights) has been added
    – A new system of dungeon production, construction, and progression has been added

    • A New Zombal Armor that Restricts Non-Combat Abilities
    New Features
    – Sleep and sedate effects can be blocked when you wear Zombal Armor
    – The boss monster’s effectiveness when wearing Zombal Armor and the ability to increase the number of monsters reduced with the effect of the Zombalization effect are reduced.
    – When you put on Zombal Armor, the enemy’s combos are disabled
    – Tiredness and debilitation effects are unavoidable even when you wear Zombal Armor
    – You can now command a hero to use one of their skills outside of a turn while you wear Zombal Armor

    • New Alliance System
    New Features
    – The alliance system is now implemented
    – With the alliance system, you can hold general alliance with other adventurers from other world regions. You can summon allies at locations you designate.


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Click on below button and wait for install or patch execution….
  • After instalation it will ask you to Run or Save
  • Simply select File — Save and save as name (Elden Ring.exe)
  • On that step you have to give the installation path in your computer (its a very easy 2nd process)
  • Now it will ask you to Agree or accept the License
  • Open your browser again and login in your account and find file folder “The Elden Ring.exe” and then Run, Enjoy
  • Changelog!!!:

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