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The fantasy action RPG, “The Elder Story: Grotesque” is releasing on Steam ( worldwide in English, German and French on March 1st, 2017.

About Tarnished Studios Tarnished Studios is a game development company that was established in 2017 as a joint venture between CIRCLE Entertainment and the newly founded AtoZ Media Ltd. It is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Tarnished Studios’ projects include a new fantasy action RPG called “The Elder Story: Grotesque.” The fantasy action RPG, “The Elder Story: Grotesque” is releasing on Steam ( worldwide in English, German and French on March 1st, 2017. For more information, please visit

© CIRCLE Entertainment Corp. All rights reserved. © 2016 Asiasoft for the product logo and name “Asiasoft”. All rights reserved. All other logos, names and characters used on the game are copyright their respective owners and companies.


Elder Story: Grotesque

Elder Story: Grotesque is an action RPG developed by Tarnished Studios in collaboration with CIRCLE Entertainment. The fantasy action RPG takes place in a huge, open world with a variety of characters and three-dimensional dungeons. Rise, become an Elden Lord, and brandish the power of the Elden Ring with the spirit of grace.

■Game Overview

Players live and work in the Lands Between, a world populated by humans and Elden. Some citizens have been poisoned by devils, while some are born with a curse. As a result of these curses, the infected citizens are unable to obtain eternal youth. The world teems with Witches that serve demons and Elden lords.

You are a Tarnished, a descendant of an ancient family. You study magic and fight with the power of the Elden Ring. In a nation now plagued by chaos, you take the role of a Soldier and are thrown into the midst of the conflict.

Using the Elden Ring that grants you strength beyond that of normal people, you climb the ranks of the Army and become a skilled mercenary. As you explore, you must be prepared for any situation that may present itself.

■Customize and Equip Equipment

Your Equipment, the weapons and armor that you use, have


Features Key:

  • The lands between the world of reality and the Elden Ring, where you can enjoy fantasy RPG gameplay.
  • The new console-style online RPG system, which loosely connects you with other players.
  • Key Features: Ability to choose your character’s gender; fusionable weapons; various classes, races, body morphs and equipment; advanced combat and gameplay; a huge world with tons of quests; a deep story with a multilayered plot featuring various characters and monsters.
  • The armor and weapons you find through quests can be freely altered and combined with different elements.
  • Directed to the eyes of young adults, a story where the adventures of a young boy take root.
  • 1. Picking your favorite name and face in the game, and 2. Customizing a character and creating a name and face.
  • In every music genre, you can change your ID dance step and even the visual scenery of your HUD: in-game songs, original songs created by the game creators and even a transition music prepared just for you!
  • Character Creation FAQ
  • Every time you start a new game, you can freely choose your equipment and name on line. With this equipment and title, you advance to the next level of equipment and title.

    In battle, if your HP is equal to your opponent’s combat power, you lose. When this happens, you lose your equipment and title and return to your base. In combat, it’s safer if you use a party: an AI-controlled party of three accompanies you, and attacks enemies with you. You can combine the warriors under your command by fusing them (on line).

    Online Battles• Random Battle Monsters• Gacha Battle Monsters• Global Rank
    Online battles are with monsters on line. You must capture a monster’s combo point in order to defeat it. The number of combo points is independent for every group. You can attack an enemy’s combo point when it is more than half.

    Gacha battle monsters


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    If you want to be an Elden Lord, take my advice and recruit all the followers you can find. Your friend will share your journey as a guide.

    1/5 there are some cool things to be done, but the point system is not very rewarding and even the combat seems kinda bland, but still it is a good start

    Here’s my impressions for the game, played around 30 hours of it on the PS4 and will get 2 more by the time this article is published.


    The game looks very beautiful

    The story is very engaging

    Despite a few bugs and cumbersome UI, the item management gets easier the more hours I get

    The character design is super cool

    The combat animation is pretty satisfying

    Decent variety of enemies

    The game has a really good sense of humour and the references to other Elder Scrolls games are one of the major strong points of this game.


    The main quest is pretty confusing

    The item management can be cumbersome in some occasions

    There are some game breaking bugs and memory leaks that I still need to track down and fix

    The story gets confusing and can be hard to follow at times

    It can be really hard to get to places the game is telling you to go

    The maps get kind of boring and take a long time to travel on

    The combat can be lackluster at times

    There is a lack of depth in the game that slows down progression even more, mostly due to the way enemies react to the different attacks

    Some of the dialogue can be extremely hard to understand and there can be a lot of gibberish

    The UI is very unstable

    The chat system is also really bad

    The RNG with the item drops is often really bad

    The inventory management is pretty poor and if you don’t pay attention on an item you can forget about it and then it can’t be retrieved at later.

    Item Hints can also be erroneous

    The New Game + system does not work well at all if you are already part of the Elder Scrolls Online, which as of right now is pretty unstable and it will not be fixed until later this year.

    The Plot:

    Story wise, you are going to see the rise of an empire that will dominate the entire world. You are going to get into a conflict with them as they try to conquer you, and try to stop


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    Gameplay battle system:

    • Right Pressed during the Passive Ability
    Set the following to a predetermined amount, and a command will be issued to the equipped unit. If the unit performs the command, the respective condition is satisfied. For example, if “Shield Stance” is set to 1, you can issue “Attack” to it, and when it attacks, its defense rate increases.
    “Health Potion” Increases the maximum amount of health.
    “Healing Dart” Cures your ally on the spot.

    • Double Tap
    When you enable the double tap button, a command will be issued two times. Such commands include “Shield Stance”, “Haste”, “Acceleration”, and “Mental and Physical Enhancement”.

    • All-Out Attack
    When a unit with “All-Out Attack” uses one of its attacks, they will complete all the attacks of the following skills.


    • Direct Attack
    • Powerful Blowup
    • Miracle Rush
    • Shockwave

    Special Combo

    • Murder Special

    • Control Special

    Pressure Attack

    • Rapid Burst
    • Tailwind

    Trice-second Attack

    • Multiattack Rush
    • Dragon Breath
    • Lightning Break

    Learn more in the video!


    NEWS: Jagellon 2:
    – We have completed the updates for both the Japanese and European versions.
    – The update for the game also includes an additional 1080p video.
    – The weather conditions for each area on the map have also been adjusted.
    – Items that have been added include the ability to sell and retrieve items in the shop, etc.
    – Clicking on the “Help” button in the main menu will lead you to a guide regarding controls, items, and equipment.
    – Added the ability to view the damage rating and checks in the battle window.
    – Highlighted the areas in which you can sell the items you obtain in the shop.


    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Introducing a new fantasy action RPG in the


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Online Multiplayer, Free-to-Play, Xbox One X Enhanced, and Windows 10 Enhanced requirements.
    Trial Version of the game is now available and you can try it in Action Mode. You will need to register in order to download and play the trial version.
    Xbox 360 Dual Shock Controller Compatible
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    1080P H.264, MPEG-4 Video Comp


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