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With the amount of work people often have in their daily lives, it can be common sense to take frequent notes or sometimes create reminders. Scratchpad is a simple, note taking application that allows users to type or paste quick notes and save them immediately via an integrated hotkey system. A minimal interface that gets straight to the point and to the note writing function Once users open up Scratchpad they will be presented with a straightforward, minimalistic interface that offers the bare essentials and nothing else. The layout is streamlined and modern, that is stripped back to the most efficient functions. The style might be a problem if it wasn't for a help button that informs users of all the available hotkeys and how the various areas work. The help documentation would be further improved by the addition of tooltips, especially when the Show/Hide hotkey is concerned, which includes a few settings some users might not be immediately familiar with. The text field is basic, but works perfectly adequately for what is intended, and wont present users with any difficulties or problems. Only a few additional features to bolster the functionality of the program  Scratchpad is simplistic by design, it is intended to be a quick to load, quick to use program that can quickly take notes. That being said a few extra features are available in conjunction with the hotkey support, such as the autosave on exit feature, so users don't have to worry about closing the application regardless of what is already written. There is an interesting feature that can start the application already minimized, so it is ready and waiting for when it is needed, rather than appearing in the screen unnecessarily. The only other feature is a new template button that opens a new note file, while the program could do more, it is enough for the basic note feature. While not an advanced application, Scratchpad will take notes and help improve organization Ultimately, Scratchpad is a useful program that users will find helpful. The hotkey system is well implemented and it will take only a few moments to get into the habit of calling it up, creating notes and then dismissing it. While there are more advanced text programs, those looking for a quick note device will be more than satisfied with the features provided in Scratchpad.


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Scratchpad, takes notes as soon as you type. Type quickly with no adversting distractions. Take notes when you want and stop when you want. It is no longer necessary to stare at a screen or page to take notes. Customize: You can customize shortcut keys to access different options. (For example, you can assign a shortcut key to ‘go to scratchpad’,’show help’, and’saved notes (whenever you hit the key). Features: The system remembers which shortcut key you assign. You can have Scratchpad Open in a specific Desktop Window. You can also have Scratchpad Open in a specific Deskbar, and have a specific Desktop Icon, even when running in Windows 95/98. Settings: You can set a delay when the system will wait after hitting before going to the saved notes folder and you can even have Scratchpad open ‘in a specific Desktop Window’, and ‘in a specific Deskbar’. Settings: You can set the delay for hitting and the key combination to open the system. You can even have Scratchpad open ‘in a specific Desktop Window’ and ‘in a specific Deskbar’. Scratchpad continues to evolve, and is simple to use. Conclusion: Scratchpad is simple and compact, and makes note taking much simpler. It is user friendly and easy to use. The help and documentation helps to further the features and ease of use of the program. Scratchpad Description: Scratchpad is a single window, note taking application. It is like Quick Wordpad, only faster and uses hotkeys to capture your quick, on the fly notes. You can type and capture your notes with the hotkey system, you press a hotkey, Scratchpad pops up and grabs your note. You can hit it as many times as you want to create as many notes as you like. To dismiss Scratchpad, use the Esc key (or a keyboard shortcut you setup). You can switch from your current note to another note by hitting a hotkey. Here are some other features: * Shading each line allows you to highlight a portion of your note without having the note become too cluttered. * All of your notes can be remembered by Scratchpad. To do this, you can set a hotkey combination to open Scratchpad. The delay between hitting Esc and going to the saved notes folder can

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Scratchpad is a program that will take notes, organize them and save them with the click of a button. The interface is simple and direct, the hotkey system is accessible and the build is stable. Even with only a few features, Scratchpad will be a welcome addition to the software collection. Key Features: Take notes  Organize them on your computer  Save them with a quick keystroke  You can save many notes with a single keystroke  Save notes with different file formats  One note for one keystroke  Hotkey support  One note per hotkey, press them and save  If you stay open, you can easily access the notes saved via hotkeys  The hotkey system works with different versions of Windows  These are the known keystrokes: The log seems to show a working version of the program, but there could be a glitch The download link is current and the website appears to be functioning on launch, suggesting there may be a problem elsewhere. The only other things of interest are that a log of information is being created and shared, and a contact form appears to be functioning. Conclusion It is unfortunate that the software isn’t more advertised and promoted, since the initial startup is flawless. If only a few extra features could be added, Scratchpad could make itself a bit more useful. SUMMARY File Size Downloads 1 Scratchpad.exe 1 Scratchpad.exe.mui 2f7fe94e24

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This modern Scratchpad allows you to create individual notes and quickly save them. A single text field and a default text color allow you to write down what you need. Keystrokes can be found and they are listed on the screen using a help window for the hotkeys. After pressing a key or the “enter” button your note will be saved. Features: – Todo note features – Individual notes – Save notes into different types – Fast Notes – Free – No banners, ads, or third-party Windows Interface (Windows 7 and Older) The Scratchpad program user interface will be a very familiar one for users of older Windows operating systems, as the exact same application was used in Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT. Scratchpad is a clean and efficient program that offers users a simple way to create, save and load notes. The application’s appearance is minimalist by design, specifically the text area. It is available to the left of the large title bar, and features only a single text box and a backdrop of the basic white color. The text in the text box is white, but the color can be changed to a user selected one and multiple fonts can also be employed. Note types can be changed in the dropdown menus, allowing users to switch between multiple note types, such as ‘Notepad Notes’ and ‘Time Management Notes’, the quick list which allows users to quickly create todo lists. Users can save their notes into any note type, or create a new file while at the same time continuing to type away. When the save button is pressed the program will prompt for confirmation, and it is necessary to click “yes” to proceed with the save, otherwise notes will be lost. The Scratchpad program interface is fairly easy to use, it’s the simplicity of it that makes this program so effective. Users will find it easy to use and save many notes in a short space of time, without any interruptions. Windows Interface (Windows Vista and Newer) Scratchpad is a unique application that provides users with a simple, user-friendly interface for saving and saving notes. The minimalist and simple format will also make it easy to use, navigate and save notes. The interface features a single text box, where users can create notes while typing away. While in edit mode, users can also select an alternate background color, font and other options. Note types can also be selected, allowing

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Description: Scratchpad is a note taking application that uses keyboard shortcuts to build your notes, with AutoSave to remind you to save them. Scratchpad is simple and easy to use. Every note is saved instantly. Scratchpad is free. Save time while organizing your thoughts. A minimalist interface. A help system. On exit, it is automatically minimized and ready to use. Key features of Scratchpad: ★ Microscribe, Scratchpad supports Microscribe. ★ Enter Notes to Your System. ★ AutoSave. ★ Type Notes with Keyboard Shortcuts. ★ Undo/Redo with Right Click. ★ AppData & Settings. ★ Create Notes with Templates. ★ Insert Clip Art. ★ Directories created by Scratchpad. ★ Undo/Redo. ★ Full-Screen mode. ★ Minimize. ★ Hotkey Support. ★ Media Player Plugin. ★ Undo/Redo. ★ Real-Time Shortcuts. ★ Go to Goodnotes. ★ Unlimited Undo/Redo. ★ Notes.txt, File/Open.txt. ★ Mini-Tux. ★ AppData and Settings. ★ Settings dialog. ★ Help Center. ★ Help and About tab. ★ Tabbed Interface. Note: ★ “C:\Users” is the default path for Scratchpad. ★ Right-Click & Undo/Redo. ★ AutoSave. ★ “Create Template” Hotkey. ★ Directories. ★ Supported Placeholders in Text. ★ Full-Screen. ★ Minimize. ★ AppData and Settings. ★ Integrated Help. ★ Help Tabs. ★ “Contents” Tab. ★ Help about Tux. ★ “Hotkey System” Tab. ★ “Keyboard” Tab. ★ Close Button. ★ Profiling Tab. ★ Help and About Tab. ★ Session Manager. ★ “Log File”. ★ “Microscribe” Tab. ★ “Placeholder Text”. ★ “Placeholder Text”.

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